#3.0 sorrento hotel penthouse

#3.0 sorrento hotel penthouse

Posted On: July 29, 2009
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The security guard grabbed us both by the arms (we surmised that he prefers the title nighttime safety officer) and urged us inside, “the cops are coming, the band [Mudhoney] has to stop.” We laughed, “they just did.”

We tripped back out to the lavish penthouse terrace that minutes before had turned into a mosh pit – with Mark Arm getting that mad look in his eyes as if Iggy Pop’s undead ghost had taken possession – and shyly told the hotels’ owner who was in attendance the news about the police. “Fuck ‘em,” he said, “this is why we built this place.”

And that is only one snapshot from an evening that had nearly 30 songs of equal beauty. On June 29th some of the most poignantly talented musicians of our era took control of the entire top floor of the historic Sorrento Hotel. We seized the glamorous velvety halls and made the place ours for a night we won’t forget. Some of our most stunning performances to date. Hope you enjoy.

Chase and Michael